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What triggers your allergies?

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All allergies are triggered by exposure to generally harmless proteins called allergens. Not everyone reacts the same way when exposed to allergens.

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When an allergic person's immune system is exposed to allergens, the immune system mistakenly identifies the protein as harmful.

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The immune system sets off a response to attack this allergen and nearby cells, which is unecessary because the allergen isn't actually harmful. Allergic reactions are this collateral damage.

how we help

Alpacas in the Andes Mountains

In the heart of the Andes, alpacas thrive in part thanks to a unique adaptation - their immune systems produce nanobodies, a class of tiny yet powerful proteins that are adept at neutralizing threats like viruses and allergens.

Our innovative allergen neutralizing sprays harness the power of specially engineered nanobodies to target and neutralize pet allergens, making them harmless.

Developed in collaboration with our manufacturing partner, Geltor, this groundbreaking product is safe and effective for both humans and animals. It's a game-changer for those who suffer from pet allergies, offering a way to enjoy life with furry friends, allergen-free!

How we produce nanobodies

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Nanobody discovery

Alpacas produce proteins called nanobodies that can make allergens unrecognizable to your immune system.

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Nanobody design

We use safe and modern bioengineering techniques to design patent-pending nanobodies that block the interaction sites of allergens.

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nanobody production

We use modern production facilities to create such nanobodies for our products, and go through rigorous testing to ensure safety and quality.

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final product

The end result is an easy-to-use, clean, and effective spray for you to enjoy a sniffle-free life with your furry friends.

How we keep you safe


After production, the nanobodies undergo a proprietary purification process.

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The nanobodies are then treated with gamma rays, reducing microbial contamination and further ensuring product quality.

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Before packaging, we test every batch of nanobodies to ensure that they are effective.

Veterinarian Approved

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"They really did something innovative here... most pet allergy brands are all bark and no bite, but Pacagen seems different."

"As a vet, I've seen so many pet parents struggle to find a way to manage their allergies. I was so relieved to hear about Pacagen's products - they work great and are safe for cats!"

"Literally bringing families back together again!"

- Dr. Andrew Findlaytor,

Doctor of Veterinary Medicine

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Allergens are harmless proteins that your body has misidentified as harmful. For cats, the allergen they produce is called Fel d 1.

Our Allergen Neutralizing Powders are engineered to be highly specific and only target the allergen it was designed to bind to. Through internal testing, we are certain that the nanobodies cannot bind to anything else.

A nanobody is a small fragment of an antibody, an important protein in all immune systems. Nanobodies are roughly a tenth the size of a conventional antibody, so it can fit into smaller spaces and more easily bind to molecules. Although humans don’t naturally produce nanobodies as a part of their immune process, camelids (such as alpacas) do. After obtaining a nanobody sample from an alpaca, we created a blueprint for nanobody replication in a lab, allowing us to use nanobodies for a wide range of applications without requiring any additional samples. Many researchers across the world are already using nanobodies in a variety of settings, including therapeutics, diagnostics, and imaging, so you can be assured that they are safe to use.

Nanobodies have highly specific receptors that bind to a target allergen. For cat allergies, the allergen is Fel D1. We’ve designed the nanobodies to find and bind to any Fel D1 in its vicinity. The nanobodies act as a mask for the Fel D1, disguising it from the immune system, thus allowing it to pass through your body unrecognized by the immune system. As the immune system is unable to detect the Fel D1, your allergies are never triggered.

Definitely! We made sure to use a completely pet-friendly approach when creating our formulas. Each part of the formula was hand-picked to be safe for all parties involved. However, it’s best to avoid spraying directly onto cats – mainly because cats usually don’t like getting wet. For your peace of mind, here's an ingredients list for our products:

Allergen Neutralizing Powders

● Nanobodies
● Sodium Chloride
● Glycine
● Leucine
● Morning Glory Scent
● English Lavender Scent
● Sodium Benzoate
● Potassium Sorbate
● Silica

Stabilizing Solution

● Distilled water
● Glycerol
● Ethylhexylglycerin
● Phenoxyethanol
● Sodium Chloride
● Glycine
● Leucine
● Acetic acid buffer (at pH 5.7)

Geltor goes to great lengths to ensure that no foreign substances are present in the final product. They internally ensure that all products are up to food-grade standards.

Our products use the latest developments in biotechnology to provide you with a safe, pure, and environmentally friendly solution to your allergies. Internal testing found that our nanobodies are capable of neutralizing at least 95% of Fel D1. Other similar products on the market are only able to neutralize up to 50% of Fel D1. On top of that, our products are incredibly safe to use and are non-invasive to you and your pet’s routine.