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About us

So every pet has a home.

we're setting a new standard in allergy management.

Our vision is simple: a world where people and pets are no longer separated by allergies. No more sniffles, watery eyes, or scratchy throats.

Pacagen is committed to building a future where life with our pets is all about love and comfort, without the hassle of allergies – and we’re using the latest developments in biotechnology to do so.

a challenge that chose us

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Pacagen’s story is personal. The moment our founders, Dr. Evan Zhao and Dr. Siyang Han, met their adorable British Shorthair cat Miaomiao, it was love at first sight.

Unfortunately, the happiness the new kitten brought the young family was quickly clouded by a new obstacle- Siyang’s allergies, which manifested as stuffy sinuses, itchy eyes and asthma symptoms.

Allergy medicine made her drowsy, and other anti-allergen products often weren’t safe for pets.

white cat playing with red spring toy

Eager to keep Miaomiao in the family, Evan looked to his background in biotechnology to engineer a new solution.

Reminded of a special class of proteins called nanobodies that he studied during his PhD, Evan discovered that the nanobodies could be tailor-made to target specific allergens and easily turned into a spray.

The resulting product was our cat allergen neutralizing spray – accessible for anyone with pet allergies, and completely safe for both people and pets!