What Cats are Hypoallergenic

sphynx cat

Some people are enchanted by the world of pets but set back by persistent allergies whenever a furry friend is near. If you are also someone who's allergic to cats but yearning for a furry friend, you may be asking yourself ‘’what cats are hypoallergenic?’’ Don’t worry, we have you covered!

Let's explore the enchanting world of hypoallergenic cats, where every fur and whisker tells a story of companionship without the usual allergy-related problems.

Understanding the Allergens

The primary offender behind allergic reactions in humans is Fel D1, a protein present in a cat's saliva. When cats groom themselves, some of that Fel D1 sticks to its coat. Later, when the cat moves around or plays, tiny bits of Fel D1 float into the air. If you're someone who's prone to allergies, breathing in or touching these little bits can make you feel sneezy, itchy, and uncomfortable.

Knowing about Fel D1 is like having a secret code to figure out which cats might be better for you. It helps you choose cats that don't make as much of this allergy-triggering protein. So, the next time you're looking for a cat friend, understanding Fel D1 can be your superpower in picking one that keeps the sneezes away.

Are Hypoallergenic Cat Breeds a Myth or Reality?

You may be asking: ‘’what exactly is a hypoallergenic cat?’’ Simply put, hypoallergenic cats are feline companions that are believed to produce fewer Fel D1 allergens, thereby provoking fewer allergic reactions in individuals who are prone to cat allergies.

It's important to note that no cat is entirely hypoallergenic, but certain breeds are known to be more compatible with people who have allergies. Breeds like Siberian, Balinese, and Sphynx cats are often considered more hypoallergenic.

Recent scientific studies have provided insights into the varying levels of Fel D1 production among cat breeds. A study published in the Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology revealed that Siberian cats, known for their luxurious fur, produce lower levels of Fel D1 compared to other breeds, potentially making them more hypoallergenic.

Popular Hypoallergenic Cat Breeds

Some of the popular hypoallergenic cat breeds out there are listed below. Let’s find out what cats are hypoallergenic:

Siberian Cats: The Gentle Giants

Siberian cats, with their thick, long fur and majestic appearance, are not only known for their beauty but also for producing lower levels of Fel D1. This makes them a favorable choice for those with mild cat allergies.

Balinese Cats: Elegance in Allergen Reduction

Balinese cats, often referred to as the long-haired Siamese, boast a silky coat and are believed to produce fewer allergens. Their playful and affectionate nature makes them a delightful companion, even for allergy-prone individuals!

Sphynx Cats: The Hairless Marvels

Although Sphynx cats may seem counterintuitive as hypoallergenic due to their lack of fur, they are popular among allergy sufferers. Their minimal shedding results in fewer allergens in the environment.

Managing Allergies Beyond Breeds

For those who are unable to resist the charms of a non-hypoallergenic breed (or are already committed to a specific furry companion), there's a solution at hand: Pacagen’s Cat Allergen Neutralizing Spray. This product specifically targets and neutralizes Fel D1, the allergy-inducing protein found in a cat's saliva.

In a clinical trial conducted, Cat Allergen Neutralizing Spray demonstrated a significant reduction in airborne Fel D1 levels within a controlled environment. This breakthrough formula offers relief to cat owners by minimizing the impact of allergens on their health.


A lot of people yearn for their own pet, but are worried about allergies. Luckily, some cat breeds are less likely to cause allergies, and there's also Pacagen’s handy Cat Allergen Neutralizing Spray. To make the best choice, it's helpful to understand what cats are hypoallergenic and how these allergies arise in the first place. The important thing is to make smart choices and take allergy-prevention measures into your own hands.

By picking a cat breed that's known to have fewer allergens or using products like Pacagen Cat Allergen Neutralizing Spray, you can enjoy having a cat without worrying about your health!