Cat Allergen Neutralizing Powder + Stabilizing Solution Refill Pack

Cat Allergen Neutralizing Powder + Stabilizing Solution Refill Pack

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This includes everything you need to refill your Cat Allergen Neutralizing Spray: 1 pack of Allergen Neutralizing Powder and 1 bottle of Stabilizing Solution.

Simply mix the Powder and Solution in the custom Spray Bottle (purchased separately or in another bundle), and you're ready to go!

By using the latest advancements in nanobody biotechnology, our Cat Allergen Neutralizing Spray neutralizes up to 98% of active cat allergens! It's easy-to-use and convenient, only requiring a few sprays around your home every 2-3 days.

Disclaimer: When mixed with the Stabilizing Solution, the Allergen Neutralizing Powder will be effective for up to 2 months! Do not mix with tap water or filtered water.

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Customer Reviews

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Linda H.
Works great so far

Instructions are very clear and spray bottle is super effective. The product itself seems to work! I wish the initial package came with a bigger bottle of solution to cover more of our house. This could be life changing though. Grateful for Pacagen.

Jessica Z.
Total Success

This product is amazing!

This stuff really helps

After receiving a cancer diagnosis, my doctor recommended I discontinue my allergy shots. So I went looking for other ways to improve my allergies. Pacagen really helps.

Pacagen works pretty well

Not perfect but it works decently well, combined with vacuuming and hypoallergenic wipes, brushing and some allergy meds its pretty solid.

Brandon R.
It really works!

I had minor sneezing and congestion even with regular grooming of my long haired Persian. I’ve been using this spray for a few weeks. I spray my bed every 2-3 days. It absolutely helps. I’d say by 80%. A necessity.