Neutralize 98% Of Cat Allergens.

Introducing our Cat Allergen Neutralizing Spray – a revolutionary solution that tackles allergens, so you can breathe easy.

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How It Works

Cats produce an allergen called Fel D1 in their saliva. This is what causes cat allergies.

Pacagen engineers proteins (called nanobodies) that can bind to and neutralize these allergens!

We put these nanobodies into sprays for easy use. Simply spray in the air and on surfaces every 2-3 days.

The result: up to 98% of allergens are neutralized, which means less sniffles and more cuddles!

How To Use Our Spray:

Find places your cat frequents, such as couches, bedrooms, cat furniture, or their litter box.

Spray the areas and air around them generously and wait 10-15 minutes for the nanobodies to work their magic!

Repeat this process every 2-3 days, adjusting based on symptoms and begin enjoying life allergen-free!

Why Choose Us?

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Loved By Cat Owners Everywhere


I just got my first cat a few weeks ago. I was taking 2-3 allergy pills a day. Now after this product I'm taking 2-3 a week. It seems to be helping a ton. It is definitely worth a try if you experience allergies.

- Corey
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Purchased it for friends with cat allergies, and it's been smooth sailing. Simple to use, highly recommend since it eliminates the need for pills.

- Jeffrey
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My girlfriend has severe allergies to cat hair (sneezing, running nose). The Pacagen spray actually works pretty well for her and along with some allergy relief pills, she’s completely okay to stay with our cat for a long time. Works great so far since I started using one month ago, hope it will be effective in the long run too!

- Xiang
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A miracle cure to my cat allergies. Was never able to visit with my son & daughter-in-law who have two cats. Even with Zyrtec and Flonase I got itchy puffy eyes and face that lasted a day or two. With the addition of Pacagen, I was not only able to visit, but I actually slept in their home for 2 days/nights.

- Lily
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We do A LOT to mitigate cat dander—liveclear allergy food, HEPA air cleaners & vacuums, regular brushing, routine laundry, etc.—but I am always still suffering. [...] But bottom line is that I have noticed a significant reduction in my allergies since using this product.

- Peter
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Rooted In Love

Inspired by our own challenges with cat allergies, we created Pacagen to make life easier for fellow pet lovers who struggle with them.

Powered By Science

Our quest for a better cat allergy remedy led us to an unexpected source: alpacas! Inspired by their unique immune systems, we engineered a novel active ingredient.

Breathe Easy With Pacagen

Breathe Easy With Pacagen