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Cat Allergen Neutralizing Powder

Cat Allergen Neutralizing Powder

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Our flagship Cat Allergen Neutralizing Powder. Easy-to-use, clean, and safe for cats and people.

Brings the latest advancements in biotechnology to your home. Say goodbye to your sniffles by spraying every 2-3 days in areas your cat has been.

Includes: One pack (1.3g) of Cat Allergen Neutralizing Powder

Disclaimer: When mixed with the Stabilizing Solution, the Allergen Neutralizing Powder will be effective for up to 2 months! Do not mix with tap water or filtered water.

Customer Reviews

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Kyle G.
Would buy again

Pacagen's cat allergy spray has been a pleasant surprise. Many products over-promise, but this one seems to work. My girlfriend usually struggles with cat allergies, but this spray has made a noticeable difference.

Seems to be working!

My boyfriend is mildly allergic to cats (gets itchy eyes and stuffed nose) and we are starting to live together but I have a cat and did not want him to be miserable so I bought this spray to test if it helped. I used it every day for two weeks while I was there and he didn’t have a single symptom!

Elana R.
Miracle spray

Genuinely shocked by how well this works. My eyes don't itch, I sneeze 50% less, and my mom doesn't get a headache when she walks into my apartment.

Cynthia F.
Worked great to address my husband's allergies

I used this in conjunction with a deep clean and putting an air purifier in our bedroom while my husband was away. When he returned his allergies were so much better, and we no longer had to keep our 2 new kittens out of the bedroom! It has been almost a month now and he is still doing great. I spray this daily in our bedroom after making the bed.

Beth B.
Magic in a spray bottle

I have finally met a wonderful, amazing man!! But, he is severely allergic to my cat. I felt an unthinkable decision looming either way it went. I literally laughed out loud when I saw Pacagen on Facebook, but I'd tried everything else, so feeling like a fool, I ordered. I sprayed the stuff everywhere, laughing the whole time. My boyfriend was able to spend a weekend at my house, with just a sniffle or two!!!! WHAT??? Because of Pacagen, I have my kitty AND my man!!!!