Best Allergy Medicine for Dogs

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For pet owners, managing allergies in dogs can be a difficult and sorrowful task. Like people, dogs can become sensitive to different foods, substances, or environmental factors, which can result in a variety of uncomfortable symptoms. 

Canine allergies can present with a wide range of undesirable signs, from watery eyes and digestive problems to constant itching and skin irritations.

Pet owners need to take on the role of responsible caretakers by looking for the best allergy medicine for dogs and identifying the early warning signs to provide their furry friends with the comfort they need. We'll look at the best allergy medicines for dogs in this complete guide.

Antihistamines for Dogs

Antihistamines are a class of drugs that are frequently used to treat allergies in dogs by reducing the symptoms of allergic reactions. These drugs function by preventing the body's production of histamines, which are chemicals that cause sneezing, itching, and other allergic reactions. Veterinarians frequently advise antihistamines for canine allergies in order to relieve common allergy symptoms.

Before giving their dogs antihistamines, pet owners should definitely speak with a veterinarian. Based on the dog's weight, size, and particular medical needs, the vet can establish the right dosage. For more general information, check out our other article about allergy medicines for dogs.

Benadryl for Dogs

Dogs frequently receive a prescription for Benadryl, a brand name for the generic medication diphenhydramine, which is an antihistamine. The way this drug acts is by preventing the body's natural production of histamine, which causes allergy symptoms. 

Benadryl can be given to dogs to help with a variety of allergy-related problems, such as sneezing, itching, and skin irritations brought on by allergy-causing particles (“allergens”) in the environment or insect bites. Finding the best allergy medicine for your dog requires careful consideration and consultation with a veterinarian. 

Veterinarians may prescribe Benadryl to dogs who have allergies, motion sickness, or in some other circumstances as a sedative.

Zyrtec for Dogs

Zyrtec, or cetirizine in generic form, is a popular antihistamine that dogs are prescribed to treat allergy symptoms. Histamine is a chemical that causes allergic reactions, and this medication works by inhibiting its effects. 

Veterinarians often recommend or prescribe Zyrtec to treat symptoms like skin irritations, sneezing, and itching brought on by different allergens. For dogs suffering from environmental sensitivities, seasonal allergies, or other allergic reactions, veterinarians may prescribe Zyrtec.

Allegra for Dogs

Dogs who have allergies may occasionally be prescribed the antihistamine Allegra, also generically known as fexofenadine. The way this drug functions is by preventing the body's natural production of histamine, which is a factor in allergic reactions. 

Veterinarians usually recommend or prescribe Allegra to treat symptoms like sneezing, itching, and skin irritations brought on by different allergens. For dogs suffering from environmental allergies or other allergic reactions, veterinarians may prescribe Allegra.

Immunotherapy for Dogs

Treating allergic reactions in our dog friends with immunotherapy is a proactive and specialized approach. Immunotherapy, sometimes referred to as allergy shots, entails exposing a dog to controlled, small amounts of allergens that cause allergic reactions. To lessen the intensity of allergic reactions over time, the goal is to progressively become less responsive to the dog's immune system. 

Dogs with severe allergies that do not improve with other treatments are especially suitable candidates for immunotherapy. Many dogs report long-term relief and an improvement in their reduced allergy symptoms, though it may take some time to notice noticeable improvements. 

Apoquel for Dogs

One prescription drug called Apoquel, which contains the active ingredient oclacitinib, is designed to help dogs with allergic skin conditions by reducing inflammation and itching. Because Apoquel inhibits specific enzymes involved in the inflammatory process, it targets the source of the allergic response, unlike traditional treatments.

Dogs with allergic dermatitis, including those caused by flea and environmental allergies, are frequently prescribed Apoquel by veterinarians. For dogs who are itching and in discomfort, this medication is especially helpful because it provides relief quickly, often within 4 to 24 hours.

Cytopoint for Dogs

For dogs that experience environmental allergies that result in skin infections, Cytopoint offers an alternative in the form of biologicals, a class of medications. The treatment involves the use of a dog-specific antibody to neutralize cytokines, which are the body's scratchy proteins. One noteworthy benefit is its long-lasting effect, which typically lasts four weeks.

Dogs with environmental allergies, atopic dermatitis, or other conditions that cause them to scratch all the time often require Cytopoint injection. As with any medication, it is essential to consult with a veterinarian to determine the right dosage and schedule of administration based on the particular requirements of the dog.

Corticosteroids for Dogs

Corticosteroids, such as prednisone, can quickly reduce allergic reactions when your dog has red, itchy skin from allergies; in most cases, this can happen within 24 hours. The symptoms of the dog are significantly reduced as a result of the impressive outcomes. Certainly it is one of the best allergy medicines for dogs.

When the immune system reacts to environmental substances, allergic reactions happen. Prednisone reduces the inappropriate immune response by suppressing the immune system. These corticosteroids actively suppress chemicals that set off the immune system's inflammatory response by mimicking the hormones that the adrenal cortex naturally produces.

Human Allergies to Dogs

On the flip side, humans can also have allergies to their own dogs! So what can you do to address your own uncomfortable symptoms to your furry friends? Alongside several natural remedies and measures you can take to improve your household hygiene, you can also consider Pacagen’s Dog Allergen Neutralizing Spray (Coming Soon!). This product safely and effectively neutralizes the allergy-causing particles that dogs leave around the house, making the environment more allergy-friendly for both humans and their canine friends.